Monday, 29 June 2015

Children of today are the adults of tomorrow

If the children of today are the adults of tomorrow, then the lunchbox is the perfect place to start. For a child, their lunch box is very important. What it looks like, what drink bottle you have and what's inside your lunchbox are great talking points come lunchtime. So, if we are going to see any real change, then it will come from the children. Young children are often faced with a plastic lunchbox, plastic drink bottle, plastic wrapped sandwich and plastic wrapped snacks. That is a lot of plastic in one hit! What if children could understand that the plastic they throw away to day, isn't going to disappear tomorrow. It may even end up in the ocean and possibly risking the life of a turtle. Children love animals and nature. They are naturally aware of their beautiful surroundings and given the chance, would do anything to preserve it. It's the adults that often get in the way. Children should know what plastic is, what it's made from and what happens to it when it leaves their lunchbox. It should be part of the their Early Childhood Years so that they can make informed choices about what goes in their very special lunchbox.

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